Notary Public in Mission, BC

We understand that the search for a notary public in Mission and trying to find the right one to accommodate your needs can be a challenge. The service always seems to vary and so does the price. This is why Sahib Sidhu’s Notary Public office is proud to be able to offer our high quality service at an affordable rate to all residents of Mission.

There are many documents that require legal authorization in order to validate it. This is what a notary public does. We will verify your identity, verify the genuineness of your signature, and ensure that it is properly notarized to get you to where you need to be. Notarizations can take as quick as five minutes depending on the number of documents that need to be notarized. Simply give us a call and make an appointment. We can have you set up in no time.

We can assist with real estate transactions where there’s a Transfer of Ownership that needs to be verified. Perhaps you’re in the process of refinancing – we can assist there.

We’ve put our stamp of approval on estate planning documents including verifying wills, Power of Attorney, and Will’s Notice – all important documents that require the verification of a notary public such as Sahib Sidhu’s Notary Public office.

Maybe there are some personal planning documents that you need to get notarized such as a passport, representation agreement, or a living will. We have the legal qualifications necessary in order to certify each of these documents.

No one wants to be caught without having their document properly verified and/or being left delayed because of not having their document certified by a notary public. With Sahib Sidhu’s Notary Public office, where aren’t any surprises. Don’t just take us at our word though. Give us a call and make an appointment. We’ll ensure that no matter what document it is, that it is properly notarized and ready for processing.

Our services are professional and efficient. Our fees are affordable and competitive. Sahib Sidhu’s Notary Public Office is available to all Mission residents for any documents that they may need signed. We appreciate all of our clients and understand that sometimes there are documents that you may need authenticated in a hurry – such as a Passport. Just give us a call. We can have it done in minutes. At Sahib Sidhu’s Notary Public office, we’re here to help.
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